"I showed up..." And that is enough in every way. And there is no secret to it in any way. You do belong anywhere in your dreams, for a good amount of time. "Forever". "You're free..." Be messy. Dreams aren't very far away inside one's mind, to be very honest. + my art is coming with me too now. It's fun and fun to think about... Magic is everywhere. In every place (in every corner). "Collect and connect your soul." Let go of the past. And live in the present. ☮️
Vet du så vet du. "Jag är borta nu... någonstans i det tomma intet. Det får mig att tänka efter,
åt alla håll och kanter." (Det är bara jag och mina tankar, och jag ville hur som helst inte slösa bort din dyrbara tid.) 🌈 🎱 🌈