A t-shirt I bought almost 13 years ago at Carlings.
The shirt is from second hand.
And on top of it all a 90's (?) vintage leather jacket.
"Relaxing" in the "chilling" coldness right here and now.
Timing... and time is what's happening
to all of us all the time. Take your time.
Dive deep in vain. "Drown" in emotions.
Find your muse + "matches" and start meditate,
for the sake of it.
Accept yourself and the way you're
working it out in every way you can.
Being a thirsty, unknown plant...
"I can't do anything right."
Maybe I need to talk to people, or someone special,
or someone dead more often.
"I am already dead inside."
(Trasigheten, knasigheten och sårbarheten,
för livet har alltid varit den konstigaste resan...
så vad är felet?)