When you're just too much down to earth, all day every day. Having all the fun when it feels like I finally can... In the same (it's not the same) spot of my tiny, grungy, emo flat (my own space)... because I really don't mind being right here sometimes. Living the student life... "I need to get the fuck outta here." (Let the sunshine inside when you feel like it... in every corner of the room or why not outside, or on the balcony. It all depends on what you personally want and what you like. It's your life. No one else's...) 🎱
"But would you go with me to space... in 1 light year? The walls are kind of closing in and spinning round, when you're in my head and my heart." "Fix me and maybe I'll fix you too, or you'll fix yourself... It'll probably fix everything either way." (I am not your past and I am assumably not your future.) 🦋💭🥑📖🖤🍯