"Take your growth with you..." "I probably will." "I think my life and my heart is in the right place." "From now on, the future ain't gonna be the same." (Earth may have been better and funnier with you in it.)
When I said green I wasn't kidding... Painting nothing and having a little bit of fun with my stuff right here. (I've been sitting in it for a while)... I may be a way too independent woman. Bye. And I may need to get out of my flat and out of my head more often. Passion can be very peaceful... • Staying local... The loneliness and the silliness is underrated at times. "Home is where the heart is." 🎨
"You melt me." Taste the "love". I'm eating my feelings right now. The sparks are in the beholder. "I'm hopeless, and awkward, and desperate for love." Or maybe just the food. I don't know. 🌈