"Take your growth with you..."
"I probably will."
"I think my heart is in the right place."
"And the future ain't gonna be the same."
When I said green I wasn't kidding...
Painting nothing and having
a little bit of fun with my stuff right here.
I don't fit in anywhere anyway.
There's no place like a real home.
I may need to get out of my flat and out
of my head more often.
I'm way too independent.
"You melt me."
Taste the "love".
I'm eating my feelings
right now.
The sparks are in the beholder.
"I'm hopeless, and awkward,
and desperate for love."
... Or maybe just the food... I have no idea.
What do I know about fashion...
Hello to my curves today.
"Don't forget to dress for yourself
and nobody else.
Whatever makes you feel the most
comfortable in your own way."
(The jacket ain't a new one.
And it is sort of a "good luck" charm.
You can always use what is already used.)
Be a "kid" again and try to dance your sorrows
away... In a field of tires and roses,
in the pouring rain.
I believe my "fire" hasn't burned out yet...
Because I know you knew me
more than anyone else, before we ever met.
(I am not a good dancer)
"Nobody's really good and
nobody's really bad.
Everybody can be somewhere
in between at times."