"I love the reflections in a neon jungle." And it is still not even midnight yet... It's like I'm bringing those tropical "California" vibes home now... It kinda feels like it (a little bit). • "And you'd tell me that it isn't the end of the world." (You can't change the world in a second... and that is totally fine. You are not exactly Wonder Woman... Although you are a woman. And a woman is always right, whether you like it or not.) • You can always make your own paradise, when you're feeling a bit isolated. Stay super humble all the time. 🌈 I honestly kind of just wanna be living in my Pokémon / Batman world forever, and take everything with me "anywhere I may roam" solo. I just love my kind of messy and simple flat. • I'm sorry, I am terrible at flirting. The loneliness is real. The struggle is real: