You should go camping more often.
It is good for your soul.
"Think of, do, make and spread
that positive energy of yours,
wherever you go.
The sunshine and rain
will soon follow...
This is what freedom and
peacefulness feels like. Embracing it...
In my little zen area. In this moment.
Girls can be both masculine/feminine,
athletic and anything they want to be.
No one has power over
your own body, only yourself...
You own your own body.
But, remember that your most
powerful body part is your mind.
Girls run the world!
Girl power!
"...I was standing by the shore,
when everything froze."
I'm about to go and start chopping
some wood, in this madness.
These clothes are always comfy.
Trying to stay warm in the summer cold.
"The sunset brings me up,
the sunrise brings me down."
(depending on my mood)
My skateboard just wanted to
be a bit cooler today...
The lucky sticker. "Golden hour."
I might have destroyed my skateboard, tho...
But not really.