"Det kalla och stilla sjövattnet rör
sig mjukt mot min kind..."
"Hugging the trees so gently..."
"Blommornas fjärilsvingar,
(blommor är i hemlighet fjärilar)..."
"The world as we have created
it, is a process of our thinking.
It can not be changed
without changing our thinking."
- Albert Einstein
"Do something good for the world,
that seem impossible to save...
It is always possible to start where you are."
(trying my best)
It's World Mental Health Day! 
It is ok not to be ok.
And it is more than ok to talk about
what's going on inside your mind.
Deep conversations...
You're not alone. You don't always
have to be at the top of your game...
Spread love, kindness and good vibes wherever
you are, and wherever you go!
And make time for what really
matters to you the most.